I've had a website since 1996 or so.  Except now.  Unless you call this a website.  Thank you Hostmonster! I can't access my files from Hostmonster to put them over here on InMotion, because apparently Hostmonster tech support does not actually know how to get the shared server my website is/used to be on back online.[update:  See "More About Hostmonster" below.]  But, I have some email service now, I think.

In getting back online, I learned some new ssh and sshfs info.  Not easy to find, so I will provide some hints, because Hostmonster uses as password system, and InMotion uses a public/private key system.

InMotion guides help you get ssh access via Putty.  For command line ssh access, we need a ~/.ssh/config file.  And good news, this file will help us use sftp [eg. in dolphin] and sshfs as well.

config is a text file and can contain multiple entries but for our purpose here:

Host inmotion
  HostName [shared ip]
  Port 2222
  IdentityFile ~/bin/s_local/bin1/id_rsa

Now, what are these?  Host is a name you make up, which is convenient because then you can say, for instance:  "ssh inmotion" or for instance: "sshfs inmotion:/ ~/[local
Theoretically, one can use an actual HostName and let DNS resolve it, but I found it easier and more reliable to put the shared ip no. in here.
I don't know why they use port 2222, but that is what it says in the Putty info, so that is the port I used.
We need to use the "authentication manager" to create a key and then download it.  This is the raw downloaded one, for putty it's necessary to use the ppk one.  Fortunately, there is also a ppk converter, but it ends up with a "bin" extension, I don't know why, so something like id_rsa.bin, which I then changed to ppk for my Putty experiments.

The next issue to be aware of is that the server will object if the id_rsa file has too many permissions after you download it.  But, not every effort to use it generates an error message.  I used dolphin to set the permissions to owner only (no read privileges for group, etc.)

Lastly, getting to your directory is an issue.  The "home" directory is not accessible, so you will need to jump over it by going to /home/[user_id].

More About Hostmonster

I was aware that at some point Hostmonster became affiliated and/or acquired by Bluehost.  I was not aware that about 4 years ago, Hostmonster was acquired by Endurance International Group, along with many of its highest profile competitors, such as Hostgator, iPage and FatCow.  See, Endurance brands.  Interestingly, Hostmonster is not listed as one of the brands, but I point-blank asked a tech support person, who acknowledged Hostmonster was purchased by Endurance about 4 years ago and is also associated with Bluehost.  I had noticed a downward spiral in customer service (based on my relatively limited contacts -- for the most part, websites tend to "just work" and my experience with Hostmonster was for the most part positive until recently).  But, Endurance turns out to be a venture capital driven organization (per its own website, with $33 million losses the last quarter. So, it's no particular surprise the customer suffers the consequences.  At the moment, I have ssh access to what used to be my website, but none of the cpanel tools work (such as phpMyAdmin and File Manager), the Backup Pro system (which I also pay for) doesn't work and so a great deal of my website is simply permanently missing.  I'm particularly concerned about my databases, which I can't access and which have a lot of data that is important to me.

Another issue about Endurance is that it is based in India.  I chose Hostmonster some years back because it was based in Utah and apparently some portions of the company still are based in Utah.  But, it seems that at least the chat support comes from India (and mostly they don't properly respond to my issues and questions, which is the more important issue.  If my issues were resolved properly, I wouldn't care if the techs were stationed on the moon.)

More About InMotion

Not sure whether I made the right choice -- I picked InMotion because it seemed like a smaller hosting company and was located in Los Angeles.  However, the servers and tech support are not located in Los Angeles, they are located in Virginia, which I learned after paying for the hosting.  Secondly, there was an ominous message when I contacted chat support about "outages" and chat support was having 30 minute wait times -- longer than Hostmonster.  And, although the InMotion sales person was very friendly and helpful, the chat tech support guy did not want to help and mostly pointed me at help articles that I had already read.  There is a free "website transfer" option -- but, since Hostmonster has made my cPanel tools completely inaccessible, I can't use the website transfer.  So, I needed help with things such as Zone Editing.  I'm sorry, but A records and Mx records are above my pay grade.  Initially, I just wanted to move my email -- which I understand can be done via the correct Mx record entries, but tech support at HOSTMONSTER screwed up and changed my entire website DNS to the InMotion server.  This allowed my email to work once I also changed the ns server records to point to InMotion.  So, I am receiving my main email, but I have a few other domains that are still screwed up.  It's been 72 hours while Hostmonster refuses to fix my website/cPanel access.  Tech support just keeps telling me they are "working on the server," which of course isn't true.  I have ssh access to the shared server, so I am in the process of moving my many thousands of files (but it is time consuming).  I can't follow up with tech support at either Hostmonster or InMotion until I get all the files moved, because I dread losing them altogether.

Worse than that, I still cannot access my databases. Hostmonster apparently has no interest in troubleshooting and fixing my cPanel tools.  But, every time I talk to Hostmonster support, they break something else, so I don't want any more "support assistance" until I have rescued as much of my website as I can.

Positive for InMotion -- so far everything is working and website access seems to be much faster than on the Hostmonster server.  Negative is that Hostmonster was offering the Spam Experts service and InMotion is not.  I have tried a lot of spam solutions and I found Spam Experts to be really good -- tons of spam disappeared altogether, but I am not aware of any of my "real" email being blocked.  I have contacted Spam Experts to see if they have a retail option.

Yes, it is really foolish that I don't maintain a full backup on my own computer.  In the 20 years I have had this website, I have found that my website has been secure and professionally backed up, while I have killed off many computers and lost far more data at my end.  So, yeah, I should have downloaded some occasional backups to my site and I didn't.  Shame on me, I guess.